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S8, 20" Driving/Combo LED Light Bar

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The S8 LED Light Bar by Baja Designs comes with a few new perks that are designed to improve performance and take your lighting game to the next level. The light bar boasts a clean aluminum frame and a strip of LED lights that deliver 6,350 lumens of pure power while only drawing about four amps of electricity. The LEDs last for roughly 50,000 hours, which is a lot of drive time! Let The Scientists of Lighting help you improve vision in low-light conditions with our own S8 LED Light Bar.

Lighting Patterns

The S8 LED Light Bar comes in 10 to 50-inch widths and can be ordered in several common driving patterns. Use the driving/combo pattern for maximum trail coverage in a single light. Enjoy a smooth blend of light for both near and distance lighting, perfect for riding trails or driving on city streets. The wide driving pattern is ideal for cornering or when driving in foggy or dusty conditions. The flattened horizontal beam offers clear visibility in less-than-ideal situations. The spot driving pattern offers a longer, narrower beam of light that illuminates further down the trail or road. The work/scene lighting pattern delivers a smooth 120-degree circle that protects out about 40 feet from the light. Not suitable for driving, this light pattern is ideal for illuminating a workspace or Jobsite.

Heavy-Duty Construction

When you need a light that will last, you need the S8 LED Light Bar. The S8 delivers high-performance lighting and features proprietary reflectors as well as an amber backlit feature and a unique scalloped housing design. The housing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with a hard-anodized finish. The lens of the light is made from a hard polycarbonate material and the entire unit is weather-resistant. The lights come with a mounting bracket, but the OnX6 Hybrid Laser/S8 Wire Harness required to install the light is sold separately.