Coyote Works Jeep Fire T-shirt

Coyote Works Jeep Fire T-shirt

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One of the most iconic sights in Coyote Works history! In this collection, we highlight memorable moments in Casey's adventures. Some good, some bad. This shirt is to pay tribute to his Jeep, and help pay for upcoming Coyote Works adventures, video, etc. Also a solid reminder that folks should always be prepared!

Proceeds from all Coyote Works merchandise go directly to him and his adventures.


Always a great experience with these guys! Very knowledgeable about any parts and pieces you may need for your rig, no matter what your vehicle of choice is. Always willing to give advice and to help plan out long term goals without the pressure of purchase. Also, a five star shop! Had a roof rack installed with an awning and Roam box, and it looks and performs great! Admittedly, sometimes I just come here to hang out, it's that great.

Will & Rebecca Gordon

Absolutely love Lolo! Went into this place with little knowledge of what overlanding was or what this community had to offer. Staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Appreciate they support veterans also. If you haven’t done so, do yourself a favor and head on in and check them out!

Robert Ontiveros