Claymore Cabin Area Light Lantern + Bag
Claymore Cabin Area Light Lantern + Bag
Claymore Cabin Area Light Lantern + Bag
Claymore Cabin Area Light Lantern + Bag
Claymore Cabin Area Light Lantern + Bag

Claymore Cabin Area Light Lantern + Bag

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Another great addition from Claymore, set the mood right with the Cabin. Choose from any of the 4 different light modes, (Breeze, Sunset, Full Moon, Sunrise) to make any environment feel like home. Just like all of our other lights, these are rechargeable and last up to 55 hours. Thanks to the leather strap, these lanterns can easily be hung or transported without a hassle. Furthermore, all Cabin lanterns come with a built-in quarter-inch tripod socket so any of your tripod camera accessories will work great with these lights. Not only do these lights set the mood in outdoor environments, but they also look great indoors as well.

  • Features moving flame LED effect
  • 4 lighting modes; Breeze (1300-1500K), Sunset (1300K), Full moon (1500K), Sunrise (3000K)
  • 30~640 lumens
  • Easily change light modes/ battery check/ brightness control with one button
  • USB C-type rechargeable
  • Battery level indicator and power bank function included
  • Tripod compatible (1/4" socket)
  • With the included pendant hook or leather strap, the Cabin can be mounted or hung anywhere you desire.
  • The polycarbonate transparent casing has a shock resistance 150 times that of tempered glass, these lanterns can be used with confidence
  • Dust/weather resistant
  • 1 LM = 1 Lumen = 1 Candlelight


  • Product Name: CLAYMORE CABIN
  • No.: CLL-600IV
LED Color:
  • Warm White
Size: 141 x 108.3 x 232.9 mm / 5.55 x 4.26 x 9.16 inch

  • Weight: 556 g / 1.22 lb

  • Battery: Li-ion 3.6V 6,700mAh(24.12Wh)
Input: USB 5V 2A
Run Time: 6 hrs ~ 55 hrs
Charging Time: 5 hr 50 min
Brightness: 30 LM ~ 640 LM
In The Box: CABIN, USB Type-C Cable, Leather Strap, Pendant Hook, User Manual
Made in Korea


Always a great experience with these guys! Very knowledgeable about any parts and pieces you may need for your rig, no matter what your vehicle of choice is. Always willing to give advice and to help plan out long term goals without the pressure of purchase. Also, a five star shop! Had a roof rack installed with an awning and Roam box, and it looks and performs great! Admittedly, sometimes I just come here to hang out, it's that great.

Will & Rebecca Gordon

Absolutely love Lolo! Went into this place with little knowledge of what overlanding was or what this community had to offer. Staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Appreciate they support veterans also. If you haven’t done so, do yourself a favor and head on in and check them out!

Robert Ontiveros