ARB Snatch Block 20,000lb - Lolo Overland Outfitting
ARB Snatch Block 20,000lb - Lolo Overland Outfitting

ARB Snatch Block 20,000lb

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For Safer, Easier, and Faster Vehicle Rescues
Add ARB’s Ultra Lite Snatch Block to your off-road emergency kit for easier, faster, and safer vehicle rescues. This snatch block is designed with side plates that sit snug against the pulley, which prevents the winch cable from getting snagged between the pulley and plates. It’s also engineered to double the capacity of your winch, as well as allow winching from awkward angles. As a result, you won’t have any problems pulling heavy vehicles out of mud holes, ditches, and other difficult obstacles.

Boasts a Superior Pulling Power
Even though ARB’s Ultra Lite Snatch Block is only 5.30 pounds, it has a working load of 20,000 pounds and a breaking strength of 38,500 pounds. This is because it’s built with a 6mm cold rolled steel side plate and a specialized polymer pulley—components that give the snatch block incredible strength and longevity.

Easy and Quick to Use and Install
The Ultra Lite Snatch block features a convenient and lightweight design, so you won’t have any problems bringing and using it on your off-road trips. This item also works with steel or synthetic winch lines and can accommodate ¼-inch to ½-inch cable sizes. This makes it a valuable and versatile tool to have in your off-road-ready arsenal.

A 2-Year Limited Warranty Is Included
This product is covered by ARB’s 2-year limited warranty. This is only limited to the repair, replacement, or crediting of defective items. If you’re interested in learning more about the coverage’s terms and conditions, as well as its exclusions, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

This ARB Ultra Snatch Block is ideal for use with all Toyota Tacoma models.

    •    Made From Premium-Quality Parts and Materials
    •    Break Strength Is 38,500 Pounds
    •    Working Load Is 20,000 Pounds
    •    Can Support ¼-Inch to ½-Inch Cable Sizes
    •    Works With Steel and Synthetic Winch Lines
    •    Doesn’t Need to Be Greased
    •    Easy to Install, Use, and Remove
    •    Made in the USA
    •    Comes With a 2-Year Limited Warranty
    •    Ideal for Use With All Toyota Tacoma Models

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