Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo
Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo

Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo

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HIGH PROTEIN | 100% REAL MEAT | PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Chicken Alfredo Pasta: White Chicken with Pasta Noodles in Alfredo Sauce - This pouch may have bilingual sticker on back of pouch.

We’ve packed in 53 grams of protein using real chicken breast, creamy cheeses, and a craft-style alfredo sauce. And because our ingredients are freeze-dried in one of the best facilities in the USA, our Chicken Alfredo Pasta is mush-free, so you can recharge with whole ingredients that hit the spot.
    •    Protein – 53g per pouch
    •    Servings - 2
    •    Serving size – ½ pouch
    •    Contains – Milk, Wheat
    •    Net Weight – 4.97oz
    •    Made & Packaged in the USA
    •    Calories per Pouch - 870
    •    Prep Time - 10 min

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