Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton Jack "OG"/Mount
Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton Jack "OG"/Mount
Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton Jack "OG"/Mount
Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton Jack "OG"/Mount

Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton Jack "OG"/Mount

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Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton "OG"

Based on our 2 ton jack platform, we have added strong solid axles and large non-pneumatic wheels to give our jack a lift. No longer will you have to worry about dragging your jack through the sand or not being able to run over a zip tie or pebble in the garage. We worked hard to create the ultimate Off Road Jack that would hold up to the toughest off road racing conditions. 29"L 13"W 6" min height W/O 8" ext.

All Pro eagle jacks come with an extension, extension mounting bracket and built in skid plate. Full extended height is 2' with the supplied 8" extension.

Pro Eagle 2.0 Ton "OG" Mount:

Mount your 2 Ton "OG" Jack to your vehicle. Made from stainless steel, this mount will hold up to any abuse you can throw at it. It securely holds your jack via a stainless steel rod and pin. The mount has a spot to hold the jack handles so that everything is contained.

  • Holds 2 Ton "OG"
  • Holds Jack handles in the bed of the mount
  • 4 Pre drilled holes so you can easily bolt down to your vehicle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safety pin secures jack to mount
  • Lock your jack with optional pad lock