Overland Spices | The Convoy
Overland Spices | The Convoy

Overland Spices | The Convoy

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Stuck in a flavor rut? Triple Locked has you covered! Sprinkle generously on literally anything to get you out of your bland spot. Preferably food but hey, we aren't judging. The perfect blend of salt, pepper & garlic with just the right amount of torque to get your meal where you want it to be.

Been here before? Needing some excitement in your life? InTents is exactly the blend for you. Bold enough to move your soul but chill enough to keep you grounded. The chiles, paprika & onion blend perfectly, taking you to the place you’ve unknowingly been missing out on.

No matter what body of water you’re looking to cross, let us help make your trip a little smoother by adding our Snorkel blend to your dish. Not your typical seafood seasoning, Snorkel adds the perfect buttery, garlicky, onion flavor to your fish without overpowering the meat itself. Take the risk & dive in!