Kovea Multi All-In-One BBQ Grill
Kovea Multi All-In-One BBQ Grill
Kovea Multi All-In-One BBQ Grill
Kovea Multi All-In-One BBQ Grill

Kovea Multi All-In-One BBQ Grill

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The Multi All-in-One Gas BBQ Grill is the perfect companion for indoor or outdoor cooking.  The unique U shaped flame head evenly distributes heat across the cooking surface. Equipped with 3 different types of cooking trays - a large pot support for traditional stove top cooking, a BBQ grill with deployable skewer supports, and a cast iron pan with a glass lid -  this all in one cooking stove does everything, grilling, cooking stews, shabu shabu, fondu, or kabobs. It even has a removable grease tray for easy cleaning. And it's completely self-contained making it easy to deploy on any table. With this portable stove you can cook anything, anywhere. Optional 3Way All-in-One Carry Bag avaliable.

Dimensions: 535 X 185 X 310mm (Inner Box)
Weight: 5.5kg
Fuel: Butane (Nozzle Type Gas Canister)
Consumption: 185g/h (2,461kcal / 9,769BTU / 2.85kW)


Always a great experience with these guys! Very knowledgeable about any parts and pieces you may need for your rig, no matter what your vehicle of choice is. Always willing to give advice and to help plan out long term goals without the pressure of purchase. Also, a five star shop! Had a roof rack installed with an awning and Roam box, and it looks and performs great! Admittedly, sometimes I just come here to hang out, it's that great.

Will & Rebecca Gordon

Absolutely love Lolo! Went into this place with little knowledge of what overlanding was or what this community had to offer. Staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Appreciate they support veterans also. If you haven’t done so, do yourself a favor and head on in and check them out!

Robert Ontiveros