FSR Evolution 55" Premium Rooftop Tent
FSR Evolution 55" Premium Rooftop Tent
FSR Evolution 55" Premium Rooftop Tent
FSR Evolution 55" Premium Rooftop Tent

FSR Evolution 55" Premium Rooftop Tent

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ev·o·lu·tion (noun): the process of growth and development

The Evolution Series Roof Top Tent was developed, designed, enhanced, and created for over 2 years with your needs in mind. It was a process that grew over time which is why it is called the Evolution and we are excited for you to experience it now!
The Evolution Series Roof Top Tent is available in a 55” model and can easily be installed with 2-4 people. The gas strut assist creates fast and easy set-up and tear-down in seconds.

Enjoy The View
The Evolution offers 360 degree views out its four oversized windows.
Set-up in seconds
The easiest roof top tent set-up on the market, the gas strut assist opens and closes the tent with ease. Store your sleeping gear inside for even quicker set-up.

Tri-Layer Technology
The Evolution has our proprietary tri-layer fabric, keeping you comfortable in all seasons.

Durability & Weight
The honeycomb aluminum design of the top of the Evolution gives durability while reducing overall weight.

Easier Set-Up
Reinforced rubber and metal latches on all sides keep the Evolution securely closed and are easy to open, allowing for a quicker set-up.

Hook It In

The hook to ladder design allows you to move the ladder freely and gives you the ability to place it on either side or in the middle, depending on your needs.

LED Light strip
Light up the night with the USB powered ultra-bright LED light strip. (Battery pack not included.

360* Views
Four oversized windows and doors let you get the most out of your rooftop views.

Store It On Top
Bring your gear - Store Up to 250 lbs.* of gear on top. (*check your rack weight limits)

Tri-Layer Technology
Our Tri-Layer technology will keep you comfortable no matter the season. Your adventure should have no limits!

Extruded Aluminum
Our extruded aluminum and honeycomb design give you one of the lightest hard shells on the market.

60 Seconds or Less
The four gas assist struts make setup easier than ever before.


Always a great experience with these guys! Very knowledgeable about any parts and pieces you may need for your rig, no matter what your vehicle of choice is. Always willing to give advice and to help plan out long term goals without the pressure of purchase. Also, a five star shop! Had a roof rack installed with an awning and Roam box, and it looks and performs great! Admittedly, sometimes I just come here to hang out, it's that great.

Will & Rebecca Gordon

Absolutely love Lolo! Went into this place with little knowledge of what overlanding was or what this community had to offer. Staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Appreciate they support veterans also. If you haven’t done so, do yourself a favor and head on in and check them out!

Robert Ontiveros